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Contextinator lets you divide your web browsing sessions into projects and manage all of their related information. A project is a collection of browser tabs opened in the same window, series of filters in existing applications (Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.), bookmarks, people and tasks.


Creating a new project

Create a new project by giving it a name.

You can open this from Overview, Quick Launcher or Capture Tasks popup.

Project Homepage

Access and manage all of your project's information, including tasks, emails, apps, bookmarks, people and open tabs.

It is automatically opened when you open a project. You also also open or switch to it from the Capture Tasks popup.

Quick Launcher

Quickly switch between project windows while working on multiple projects.

Launch it using the shortcut key Ctrl + ` (backtick).


This shows the tasks and unread emails for all your projects, so that you can prioritize and decide what to work on next.

Open it from the Quick Launcher or the Project Homepage.

Capture Tasks

Quickly add tasks to a project, while capturing its context (for example, saving the link to an email). You can also switch between projects, bookmark the current tab, or go to the project homepage from here.

Open this popup by clicking on the Contextinator Icon next to the URL bar.

What is a Project?

A project is what you make it. It can be a holiday you're planning to Puerto Rico, a course you're taking in School, your PhD thesis, a hobby project or web browsing you do for fun.

Each project may have several kinds of information associated with it:
Window - Each project has a single window

Tabs - Any tabs you open in the project window belong to that project. These tabs are saved, so the next time you open a project, they will be restored. You can close a project at any time, without worrying about losing tabs.

Apps - For each project, you can define filters for existing applications like Gmail, Evernote, etc. For example, you can say that a Gmail Label belongs to a project. When you visit Gmail in a project, you will be automatically redirected to that label.

Bookmarks - You can create bookmarks specific to a project.

People - You can add people to a project by entering their email addresses. When you visit a project's homepage, we will show unread Gmail messages from those users.

Tasks - Contextinator comes with a task manager. You can add tasks to a project, which are easily accessible when you are web browsing.


Contextinator is available through the Chrome Web Store.

Who are we?

Contextinator comes from the PIM Lab at Virginia Tech and it was created by Ankit Ahuja and Dr. Manuel Pérez-Quiñones as a prototype to make it easier for us to manage our personal information. This is also Ankit's Masters Thesis. We thank Sameer Ahuja for ideas and feedback. We also thank students at the PIM lab for their feedback. Feel free to send us feedback by emailing Ankit.